Saturday, October 11, 2014

Nature's Seasonal Transition Cues Our Preparation for Change

Fall is a time of transition and preparation. Both man and beast are taking stock of the bounties of the summer growing season and preparing for the coming of winter. For the beasts, it may be a question of merely eating more before hibernating or creating stockpiles of food in their dens. 

Man is more complicated. Our stockpiling is often done on a much larger scale. A family may have a pantry, closets, monetary accounts of various kinds, and a business may have equivalent warehouse stores, far larger accounts, and so forth. But whether an individual, family, or business owner, we often have more goods to manage than we can by handle efficiently by ourselves. So we have someone else manage aspects of our lives.

Normally, these relationships are governed by contracts of some kind or other, sometimes for goods, sometimes for services. When everything is going smoothly, the contracts themselves may not seem very important. When something goes awry, however, the contract becomes crucially important. Who bears the risk? Whose responsibility was it? Were there supposed to be records of such and such kept? Is this the entire agreement?

During this harvest season, maybe it is a good time to pull out some of those contracts and make sure they are still up to date and designed to do what you want them to do. 

Drafting and reviewing contracts of whatever kind is something we do every day at McCarthy and Akers, PLC. If you have a contract question or issue, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with an attorney today.

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